Thursday, December 25, 2014

Maybe? Maybe.

Just a new perspective to bring in the new year. :-)

I must make it clear, it was just a passing thought that I had. Humor me here, but just give this a read. Would love a fresh take on this. Let me know.

"The problem is not that we all always have plan Bs; the problem is, we are always working harder on them than on our mains. We are always concentrating more on the success of our safety nets, on our plan Bs. Perhaps, this is why we usually do not succeed, at least the way we intended to, with our plan A." 


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Remember when...?


-       When you looked at me for the first time with a certain sparkle in your eyes?
-       When you secretly tried to play footsie with me, at Emily’s dinner, to get my attention?
-       When you fought with everyone so you could sit next to me, that day at Ariel’s, and share my pizza?
-       When you said you liked me?
-       When you said, that night on call, you haven’t laughed before as much as you do with me? Ever?
-       When you made me feel like I’m the only girl in the world?
-       When you took me for those walks by the shore, in shining moonlight?
-       When you showered me with gifts and treats for no particular reason?
-       When you made me feel I was irreplaceable?
-       When you took me home to meet your mom, only to have her say I’m better than all the other girls you’ve been with?
-       When your friends welcomed me in their little group like I’m one of their own, totally unlike them?
-       When you held me tight in your arms, all those nights that I was either scared or disappointed by something?
-       When you said I looked cute when I frowned like this “>.<” every time I crossed my hands against my chest with a grumpy face?
-       When you felt jealous another boy got a little of my attention?
-       When you planned getaways for just us two?
-       When you said I was every thing you wanted in a girl, and more?
-       When you said I was, am and will always be the best you’ve had?
-       When you called me your best friend?
-       When you spoke about our white picket-fence house?
-       When you said you loved me for the first time and all the other trillion times that followed?
-       When I said I love you?
-       When I dreamed of seeing you at the end of the aisle, in my pristine white dress?

Well, you forgot to slip in one small thing, all those times…
That you were joking.

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